Quick Kimchi Reuben Sandwich

Quick Kimchi Reuben Sandwich

A delectable fusion of traditional flavors and bold innovation made and photographed by @BBQwithBoterman.

Prep 10 mins
Cook 15 mins
Ready-in 25 mins
Yields 1 Sandwich


For the Sandwich
1/2 lb. corned beef
Rye bread
Frank’s Quick Kimchi
Swiss cheese
For the Frank's Quick Kimchi mixture
2 cup Frank’s Kraut drained; ½ cup juice reserved
½ cup carrots shredded
½ cup Onions green
3 tbs gochujang
2 tbs ginger grated
2 tbs garlic minced
1 tbs fish sauce
For the sauce
4 Tablespoons of mayo
2 Tablespoons of sweet chili sauce
1 teaspoon of sriracha


For the Frank's Quick Kimchi
  1. Mix all ingredients and let sit for 10 minutes - overnight in separate bowl
For the sauce
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a separate bowl
For the sandwich
  1. Heat a medium skillet over medium heat. Add in corned beef and Quick Kimchi to heat through.
  2. While corned beef and Quick Kimchi are heating through, butter the outside of each slice of bread, and spread dressing on the inside of each slice. Remove warmed corned beef from pan and set aside.
  3. Place one piece of bread, buttered side down, in skillet. Top with a slice of swiss cheese and warmed corned beef and Quick Kimchi, followed by second slices of cheese and bread, buttered side up.
  4. Toast sandwich on both sides, like a grilled cheese.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

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