SnowFloss Kraut - Frank's Kraut

SnowFloss is the cousin brand to Frank’s Kraut, the country’s most famous kraut
The SnowFloss brand was developed in 1905, when Midwest businessman Allen Slessman combined several regional sauerkraut manufacturers into what would become ‘one premier sauerkraut company’. Both SnowFloss and Frank’s are authentically made with three simple ingredients; cabbage, salt and water.
It can take up to thirty days of fermentation to deliver one batch of SnowFloss, and the entire process is carefully monitored for quality and consistency by master Kraut makers who personally tend to each stage in the process. SnowFloss is literally one of the few hand crafted food products available, and has always been.

SnowFloss Kraut is naturally gluten free and low in calories. It is available in three flavors: Classic, Bavarian (sweetened with sugar and caraway) and Polish Style (with caraway seeds). Connect with your own personal family heritage every time you make a meal with SnowFloss Kraut, and taste tradition.

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It all started in China. When the rulers of the ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty needed protection from Mongol invaders they began constructing the Great Wall. -To keep workers fed the Chinese began fermenting shredded cabbage in rice wine.

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