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Frank’s Kraut by the numbers


Years ago
Sauerkraut was invented


Different kinds of
Reuben sandwich recipes

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Pounds of Sauerkraut
consumed in the US yearly



Reuben eBook

Some claim the Reuben hails from New York City and others say it comes from Omaha, Nebraska. Here are the two stories…
you decide!

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History of Sauerkraut eBook

The word sauerkraut immediately conjures images of Germany, Hot dogs and grandma making a batch in her kitchen, but the history of sauerkraut actually begins in China.

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Since 1905

Frank’s Kraut and SnowFloss Kraut have been a special part of gatherings with friends and family since 1905. Kraut is the versatile vegetable, make sure you always have some on hand. Celebrate with flavor every day.

Christmas, New Year’s, St. Patty’s Day, July 4th, Opening Day and tailgating parties, are just a few of the gatherings that people celebrate with Frank’s Kraut. Our high quality, American made kraut puts life into every party. Multiple generations have passed down their love of Frank’s…from our family to yours, since 1905.


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It all started in China. When the rulers of the ancient Chinese Ming Dynasty needed protection from Mongol invaders they began constructing the Great Wall. -To keep workers fed the Chinese began fermenting shredded cabbage in rice wine.

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