Frank’s Bacon Braised Kraut and Greens

Frank’s Bacon Braised Kraut and Greens

Prep 10 mins
Cook 25 mins
Ready-in 35 mins
Yields 4 Servings


1 pound bacon cut into thin slices
1 Onion large, thinly sliced
3-4 tbs sugar brown sugar
¼ cup Vinegar white
2 bunches leafy greens such as collards, mustard greens, kale or chard, or any mixture of; thinly sliced
1 can Frank’s Kraut 14oz can of Frank’s Sweet Bavarian-style Kraut
salt to taste
Pepper to taste


  1. Cook bacon and onions together over medium heat until both are caramelized, about 10 minutes
  2. Stir in brown sugar and vinegar. Once sugar is melted and mixed in, add in greens and kraut.
  3. Cook until greens have wilted and are tender, about 25 minutes.
  4. Season with salt and pepper.

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